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2017: So Far So Good…

2017: So Far So Good...We are already heading towards the middle of 2017 and it feels like we’re still getting over the December holidays of 2016! But this is the life we live, fast-paced and always on the go. Before you know it, we’ll be facing the end of another year and we won’t be able to fathom where the time went.

Life is short. There is no denying it. As we get older and we start having to deal with special people falling away from our ranks, we get a very clear picture of how vulnerable we are and how precious every moment is. It’s this recurring theme that keeps me focussed on the way I live my life and the work that I do.

Being a freelance copywriter allows me to work from anywhere.

It allows me to be at home with my kids.

It allows me to choose my hours (within reason).

It allows me the freedom I need in order to get the most out of this life.

I am so grateful for my clients who are helping facilitate this lifestyle and it makes me so happy that they are equally as grateful for me being that resource they can rely on.

Because of this freedom, so far in 2017 we (me and my gorgeous family) have been able to kiss the ocean, trundle the shores of South Africa’s coastlines, hike the cliffs and ravines in the Magaliesburg, travel across the country, camp under the stars, count shooting stars even, explore the beautiful Karoo desert, gaze upon the majestic Table Mountain, celebrate life, celebrate love, experience joy, merge into sadness and understand real grief. Swim in rivers, wakeboard on lakes, skateboard down roads, fall, bruise, smile, heal, laugh, cry. We’ve excelled, we’ve lazed around, we’ve worked, we’ve played, we’ve reached higher levels of understanding, we’ve sunk to low plateaus of realisation, we’ve cared, we’ve comforted and we’ve shared in the highs and lows of our country, our people and our world.

We have done so much, and at the same time we’ve simply just carried on.

But as I look back at the last five months, I smile. We have sucked the most out of every moment and we’ve done ourselves proud.

This is all we can do, right?

Live each moment to its full potential and make sure we don’t waste a second of this precious life.

I hope that you are doing the same… if not. Why not?